Side-by-Side Tumbstick Comparison

We’re starting to see more leaks as Xbox Team members begin taking their free consoles home. Regarding the discussion of the Xbox One controller’s smaller thumbsticks, an anonymous Xbox One dev recently provided a couple different photos for future Xbox One owners to analyze. As you will see, the sticks are indeed smaller and taller. Check out the images after the break…

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It’ll Be Quite Around Here Next Week

With the current climate of slow news and nothing particularly sparking my interest, I’ve been lazy and unwilling to keep a queue of interesting articles for posting next week. As a result, It’s going to be a little quiet. In case you’re curious, I’m heading off on my final camping trip of the summer before I go back to school on September 29th. When I get back, I’ll try to have something new posted everyday until school begins (minus weekends). Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Penello Smacks Down Sony And Its Fanboys

Those of you who follow NeoGAF know that Albert Penello, Director of Product Planning at Microsoft, is a regular. However, today his commentary had a bit of an edge: “I’m merely saying that anyone who wants to die on their sword over this 30%+ power advantage are going to be fighting an uphill battle over the next 10 years…” And that’s just how it ended. Continue reading for all of Penello’s sharp comments!

I’ve Cancelled My PS4 Preorder

I originally placed my PS4 preorder on Amazon just minutes after Sony’s monumental E3 event. That press conference will go down in history as one of the greatest – it was fun and even evoked a few audible reactions from me. Regardless, I’ve still been leaning Xbox One. During said time, my PS4 preorder has remained valid for the purpose of maintaining my options. I’m not a fanboy either way – I go with what I feel is best for me. I am now 100% comfortable that the Xbox One is the right console for me and I have no further need to keep my PS4 preorder. Watch out for the Volcanos… They’re coming. ;)

Yusef Mehdi: Xbox One CPU is 1.75GHz

Yusef Mehdi, Chief Marketing Officer of Xbox, confirmed at the Citi Global Technology Conference that the Xbox One is now in mass production for its November release. Mehdi explained that, “This will be the biggest launch we’ve ever done by a wide margin in terms of units shipped at launch.” In addition to the boost in GPU speed announced weeks ago, Mehdi added that Xbox One received another technical boost by upgrading its CPU performance from 1.6GHz to  to 1.75GHz.

RUMOR: Xbox One CPU 1.88GHz Not 1.6GHz

Microsoft recently gave a talk about the Xbox One’s architecture at the Stanford University hosted event Hot Chips 25. According to sources, the Xbox One’s architecture is very similar to AMD’s Trinity and Kabini APUs in overarching system design. However, Microsoft did not just take what was and wire it to their controllers, there are some pretty massive changes that result in a very unique device. Continue reading for maths…

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